Hockey Hairstyles


Every year the folks at Pulltab Productions put out the Annual All Hockey Hair Team, and every year they manage to coin a fabulous new term for a hairstyle.  So each year, we here at Big Dave and Company deliberate and designate a winner.

2016 - The Lobster.  Hair slicked back, except for two tufts slicked forward and slicked flat against the forehead to resemble lobster claws or devil horns which have fallen down forward.

2015 - The Dual Exhaust.  A little known hairstyle in which long hair is parted in the rear so that it moves away from the head in a diagonal manner on each side.

2014 - The Spacebar.  A beard with a small band on the chin shaved clean.  The wider version is called the "Tab."

2013 - The T-sunami.  The "t" is not silent. It is very much a hard "t." This is a mullet with a wave feature on top of the front portion.

2012 - The Pop Tart.  Slicking back the top and keeping the back puffy.  So called because it is a lazy look, something one might employ when running late in the morning.

2011 - Peroxide Jesus.  Not so much a hairstyle as it is a lifestyle.  Can be used for any peroxide infused, mullet based hairstyle.

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