About the Podcast

The Big Dave and Company Podcast was begun in September of 2009 as a companion to the almost award winning Big Dave and Company.com. Featuring Big Dave and Technical Producer Mike-a-licious, along with an ever-changing cast of characters the podcast features news, entertainment, analysis, and opinions on subjects ranging from the geographical location of Stockholm to Communism themed vacations to kicking your addiction, all in a format that required very little reading.  Unfortunately, the Podcast ended its life in 2011, when a combination of storm troopers from our sponsors, the FCC, the DEA and the IRS raided the Worldwide Headquarters because of a tremendous amount of graft, explosives on the premises, and about thirty illegal Eastern Europeans that were hired to help out because they couldn't get anymore Unpaid Interns.  If you are interested in learning more about the Big Dave and Company Podcast please e-mail us at podcast@bigdaveandcompany.com.  If you want to listen to it, click here to access the archive.