About The Blog

Big Dave and Company was started in March of 2008 as a voice for the people who felt they had no voice.  As that was a very abstract and open ended concept, the staff found it much easier to just public the musings, thoughts, and opinions of Big Dave and his followers, collectively called "The Company."  Hence, Big Dave and Company.  Aided by an immense and ever rotating staff of unpaid college interns (The Unpaid Interns), Officer Butt Hansen - who provides tips to keep you safe, and several others, Big Dave has created way more posts then he ever intended on subjects ranging from vacations that will enrich your life to how dumb celebrities are to a police officer in New Zealand who discovered two men biking naked down the road.  He has also had WAY more readers that he ever expected over the years he has made many friends, some enemies, and has put his foot in his mouth more times than he likes to count.  He has even managed to eat crow and have his opinion changed a time or two as well.  So surf the old stuff, enjoy the new stuff, and please feel free to follow along as Big Dave continues to become a mega star and a media mogul.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns send them to bigdave@bigdaveandcompany.com. Look for the blog at www.bigdaveandcompany.com, Facebook, and Twitter. Thanks!