Friday, December 14, 2018

The Least That I Can Do

     Deep within this amazing clip from this amazing movie, there is a gem of a line about life and more importantly, attitude.  Peter, played by Ron Livingston, explains to the Bobs, played by two people who are not Ron Livingston, that one of his two motivations at work was fear of losing his job.  But the gem comes when he says "But you know Bob, that'll only make someone work just hard enough to not get fired."
The amazing movie.
     It's true.  100% true.  And you can see it every day.  In some cases it is okay to not go extra miles just for the sake of extra miles.  If you are washing dishes, once the stuck on food is removed and the plate has been thoroughly wiped with the soapy rag, there is no reason to keep wiping the plate.  It is not going to get additionally clean the more you wipe it.  It is not your ass.  Wait, what?  Anyway, sometimes it is okay to just do the bare minimum to get the job done.  When you are doing dishes.  When you are striking out a batter.  When you are pleasing your lady friend.
    There are some times, however, where it is nice or even smart to go the extra mile to do things above and beyond, right?  If you are building a bridge across a creek, you could lay a couple of boards across and call it a day, but maybe some handrails would be nice.  An abutment or two so the bridge doesn't get swept away in a flooding event is probably worth the extra time and effort.  Are you changing the brakes on your lady friend's car in order to make up for not going the extra mile in the sack up above?  Smart idea.  Grease some bearings while you are in there.  Really get shit done.  Making a delicious pecan pie?  Pour some alcohol on top and light that shit on fire.  For effect.  Go the extra mile.  It makes EVERYTHING better, I promise you.
     "So what does this matter, Big Dave?"  I can hear you asking this.  "Why are you making me read about all of these things I do not care about?"  Well I will tell you, Company.  I am here to tell you that I am doing just enough to not get fired.  I haven't written a blog post to you since October 1, 2017.  Today, for those of you who live without calendars, is December 14, 2018.  That's over a year.
     But by me writing this post to explain to you how I am phoning things in, how I am doing the bare minimum, and how I am simply not getting fired, I am ensuring a number of wonderful things.  First of all, I am ensuring that 2018 will show as a year in the Filing Cabinet on the left hand column, which by the way is the tenth in a row.  Second, I can claim that I am America's #1 Big Dave Centered Blog for ten years running.  That phrase will be trademarked by the time you are done reading this sentence.  The point is that it is the bare minimum that I have to do to accomplish the goals that I have.  It is the bare minimum that I need to do to not get fired.  Have you ever heard the expression "It's the least I could do."  Well, this is.  It is the very least that I could possibly do aside from nothing.  So congratulations.
     Who knows?  Maybe I will surprise everyone and really go the extra mile in 2019, like I did back in the olden days of yore.  Maybe someone will steal my Salt book again. Maybe.  But I think we both know what will likely happen.  Maybe you will get the exact same blog next year with just the dates changed.  Or maybe I will go post date another post about our 10th Anniversary.  You never know.  But I can assure you one thing.  It will at least be the least that I can do.

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