Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Let Them Have VD

    So here we are, Company, sitting with one another on Valentine's Day.  And since we aren't out getting all googly-eyed and lovey dovey in some dimly lit restaurant that serves wine in those gigantic tub glasses, it would be easy for us to take one of two generally accepted tracks, and one new innovative one:

1.)  Get angry and disparage everything Valentine's Day and/or love and/or relationship related; or
2.)  Go on and on about the gruesome history of St. Valentine and mention the Valentine's Day Massacre at least twice; or
3.)   Memes.

Yeah, that is an easy choice.  Memes win every time.  But today, singles of the world, you should choose option number four:

4.)  Leave it be.

Yeah.  Leave it be.  Let the love folks have their day.  I know that it is easy to get butt hurt on Valentine's Day because it sucks when you are not in love but everyone around you is.  Or at least seems to be.  Every single radio or television advertisement, every aisle at Walgreens, your usual Build-A-Bear Workshop Station, are all constant reminders of your sad loneliness.
     But don't ruin it for all the people who wish to celebrate. You can't just hate something because you don't participate in it, that is regressive neanderthal thinking. By that thinking you would have to have Mardi Gras and the monsoon, assuming you don't live in a place which celebrates Mardi Gras or experiences the monsoon.  The point here, Company, is that they still deserve happiness, even if you can't experience it, because they aren't experiencing their happiness at your expense.  They are just experiencing it without including you.  Get over it.  Let them be in love.  That is what being a grown up is all about.  Get used to it.  Shit like that is probably why you are single, anyway.
     Wonderful.  Now, I am off to throw snowballs at happy couples as they come out from their Valentine's Day dinners.  Happy Valentine's Day!