Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Five Minute Blog

     So it is five minutes before the top of the hour, as they would say in the radio business.  And since I have some things that I want to do come the top of the hour, in the traditional style of a media mogul, I am going to just write you a five minute blog today, Company.  Five minutes.  I have no plan, I have no subject picked out really, I just know that I have five minutes and that I guess that we are going to find out how many words per minute I can type, by typing all sorts of words and counting them and then dividing by five.  Also in the traditional style of a media mogul.
     What do you think about that, Company?  I know, probably not much.  But I just don't care.  This is what you are getting.  Sometimes you don't exactly get what you signed up for.  You wanted something smart, something topical, something maybe up to date.  Nope, you are weird ramblings mixed with a strange pinch of irrational anger.  VERY irrational anger.
     I have exactly no reason to be angry with you, dear Company.  Exactly none.  Yet there it was, just in the paragraph above.  For no reason.  I guess that I am just the worst kind of person.  The kind who is angry for no reason.  And that is that, Company.  The true colors of me, the media mogul, Big Dave, who also owns the Kim Jong Il Metal Foundary, the glorious rising sun of all metal foundaries, in Pyongyang, North Korea.
     And now it is the top of the hour.  So I've gotta go.

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