Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 All Hockey Hair Team Review

The last few days, we have checked out the following piles of awesome:

2011 All Hockey Hair Team
2012 All Hockey Hair Team
2013 All Hockey Hair Team

So let's see what is in store for this year's edition of the All Hockey Hair Team as compiled by the good folks at Pulltab Productions, shall we?

0:08 - Great analysis right off the bat, as we would come to expect.  Or shall we say, right off the stick.

0:11 - The beginning of an epic story of struggle.  This is cinema at its best.

0:19 - Determination in the face of rejection from "Big Worldwide Company, Inc."  Classic scenario.

 0:29 - The exclamation point seals the comeback.

0:40 - Sportwrap.  Sportwrap.  Sportwrap.  Sportwrap. Braid. Sportwrap.

0:58 - Founding Fathers of Flow.  In today speak, this would translate as All Hockey Hair: Origins.

1:01 - I do love the clear boards.

1:17 - "They really had stripes because they wanted to have stripes."  Disconcerting to think that the stripes will come back as a look someday.

1:24 - That guy really does look like Keith Hernandez.

1:42 - Studz.  It just seems more appropriate with a "z"

1:47 - You don't see the headband much anymore these days.  Except in girls hockey, and now it is called a Sportwrap.

1:57 - That guy looks like the villain in every 80s teen action movie.  Or the hero.

2:10 - For all those hockey nostalgia people out there amongst the Company, notice the old, original Minnesota Northstars logo in the face off circle.

2:22 -The hashtag would be helpful.  And I love your choices.  I prefer #hashtag.

2:30 - An in-depth analysis of the wink.  This is almost like a pre game show before the All Hockey Hair Team.  It is sort of like the recently passed Selection Sunday in a way.  I am into it.

2:24 - Fros meet flow.  How about #fromeetsflow.  I like that a lot.

2:58 - You don't create something this phenomenal without doing your research prior to game time.

3:09 - "Yeah, it's curled."

3:15 - Now THAT guy can watch Magnum, P.I. anytime he wants.  Also, what would that be?  Do the drape ties match the drapes?  What comes between the carpet and drapes?  Does anyone know the answers to these life affirming questions?

3:34 - The brush of the hair while in line when the camera is looking straight down the line at everyone?  That is representing the All Hockey Hair Team like a boss.

3:35 - Okay, last year there was a kid names Wyatt, then a baby faced kid.  This year, there is a baby-faced kid named Wyatt.  I actually went back and checked the historical record because I thought Wyatt was the first two-time winner in the history of the AHHT.

4:05 - "Dual exhaust pipes."  That was almost the term of the year.

4:09 - "Austin.  C for Captain.  Or was that C for coif?"

4:42 - Anthony Keidis sighting!  Seriously, I would not be surprised one bit if he was hanging around an event of this magnitude. 

4:43 - I don't know if Zacharey does the slow motion on purpose or if Pulltab slowed it down (if they did, that is hockey hair editing at its finest), but it really is majestic.  Even though you have an extra "e" and no one knows why.

5:04 - "What's that space in the middle for?  Is that called the Spacebar?  It is now."  There is your Term of the Year.

5:36 - "Wow.  Orange mullet?  Ginger flow?  Love it."

6:00 - The panning of the newspaper stories on the tournament.  That is so classic AHHT.  So classic.  Great job.

6:25 - I miss the golden combs.

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