Friday, March 14, 2014

2013 All Hockey Hair Team Reveiw

As you know, over the last couple of days we have looked at the 2011 and 2012 All Hockey Hair Teams from the fabulous folks over at Pulltab Productions.  So now, in the grand tradition, let's look at what's on tap for 2013.  I assure you that it is spectacular.

0:03 - The prizes get bigger and better every year.  This year we are into consumer electronics, as we should be.  And for some reason there appears to be a glue stick involved.

0:04 - "People were wondering if I divide up into private and public school for the hockey hair team..."  No they weren't.

0:17 - Color slides.  I am impressed how every year they up the ante with the graphics.  I expect to see a star wipe before we get the All Hockey Hair Team X. (As an aside, why aren't we giving these roman numeral designations?  Because they really are the Super Bowl® Champions of hockey hair  Something to think about Pulltab.)

0:25 -This kid looks like a kid from a TV show from my youth.  I am thinking either the friend from Boy Meets World or one of the boyfriends from Roseanne, but I know neither of them is right.

0:41 - That kid is smirking because he lost a bet and the guys who made it with him never thought he would go through with it.  Well he won.  In more ways than one.

0:55 - The t-sunami.  BRILLIANT! Only Peroxide Jesus can stop the t-sunami.

0:57 - "That's called Hurricane Wyatt right there."  In all fairness that is a kickass nickname to have, especially for a hockey player.  Or a boxer.  Or a TV weatherman.

1:07 - I can't take Dallas' mullet seriously because of his baby face.  #fact.

1:30 - This might be the only time that a player's hair led a player to be disqualified from a high school hockey tournament. 

1:42 - Playing hockey with product and a hair dryer.  Inspired but I am not sure this type of action sequence fits in at this juncture.  It just comes out of nowhere.

1:54 - This just in: The Harlem Shake has nothing to do with the Hermantown Holy Trinity.  But I do like the cultural reference, though.

2:00 - How can you be so spray bottle in 2013 when you almost DQ'd someone in 2010 for blow drying!?  Looks like the lobby for Big Water got to the fine folks at Pulltab Productions.

2:05 - The Cotton Candy.  Amazing.  I love how they coin a new term every year.

2:18 - Was that a Jesus reference?

2:26 - That kid really did want the slow motion something fierce.  That is why he took to time to make sure his hair blew up as he skated in.  Sometimes you have to bow to the hair and give it what it wants.

2:32 - "You gotta read it, not write it, buddy."

2:57 - "He's the Irish Pat Riley."  That is funny on so many levels.

3:13 - Who comes up with the concept of adding blow drying directly into the team fees?  That is the most hilarious thing I have ever heard.  So great.

3:35 - It is the beard that earned him the Captain's letter.

4:28 - Siri fails epically here.  Epically.

4:46 - This kid reminds me of the hockey kids from the movie Dogma.  They are representing the Stygian Triplets in the movie whereas this kid is representing what every Minnesota kid does from Thanksgiving though St. Patrick's Day, but whatever.

We will look at the latest iteration next week.

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