Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's Complimentary

     There is always a lot of talk in the world about how to make the world a better place.  And that's an important thing.  So a lot of people think about it and they have these big dreams about finding a cure for cancer or bringing about world peace.  But that shit is hard.  I have a really easy plan for making the world a better place, and it is totally something that you can do.
     While it is terribly hard to change the world on that grand stage, it is stunningly easy to change it on a small level, grass-roots style.  All you have to do is just lay out one random compliment to one random person each day, and you will be making the world a better place.  Honest to God truth.  Because in a very small way, you will most likely have made that person's world a better place.  It is amazing the result that it can have.
      Oh sure, you are going to get the odd person who thinks you are a lunatic and maybe pops a cap in your ass.  But for the most part people are going to be into it.  Tell a random girl that strikes you as being pretty that she is pretty.  Tell the bag boy/girl at the grocery store that he/she did a good job bagging your groceries.  Or tell the bus driver that you admire their patience in dealing with rush hour traffic.
    You are going to make their world a better place.  There have been countless instances of a single random compliment making someone's day, week, or even life better.  But I am sure you would be hard pressed to find someone who was driven to the top of a water tower with a rifle complete with high-powered scope because you told them they had a nice tie.  Unless they had been brainwashed and the tie compliment was the trigger to make them carry out their brainwashed assignment.  But that would be the exception to the rule. 
      So just try it.  It actually will make you feel good too, because there is something neat about seeing people's reaction when they get the random, unexpected compliment.  So it lifts two people up for a little while.  It makes two worlds a slightly better place.  And eventually the result will be cumulative.  Well, maybe not, but sometimes you have to realize that biting off a bite that you can chew is okay.  It's not curing cancer or stopping deforestation in the Sahel, but it is something.  And that is better that nothing.

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