Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Marines in the Yard

For those of you who don't know, May is Military Appreciation Month. As such, we here at Big Dave and Company have decided that we are going to write a post for each of the service branches showing how they do so much more than fight for our country. Since they are all equally important, we are just going to go alphabetically. Today we look at the Coast Guard.

     Bukit Harapan Theraputic Community is a Malaysan group that cares for and participates in the rehabilitation of disabled children, as well as a shelter home for aboused, single, or disabled women. It also provides a home for orphaned children. On their website, they state:

     It has always been the goal of Bukit Harapan to aid the helpless from the young to the old so that they may find confidence in life again, so that they may see the reason to stay alive, so that they may stand on their feet again and so that they may forgive those who have hurt them and to look forward to the future.

     But even an organization that dedicated itself to helping other can use some help itself from time to time. And so Marines from the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit - which are stationed on the USS Makin Island - visited Bukit Harapan recently to visit the children and help with some of the yard work and chores around the compound.
     While the main chore that the Marines helped with was cleaning mud out of a drainage trench on the property, but it is the visiting with the children that really highlights the day. "Even though there is a language barrier, the kids always enjoy themselves when [U.S. military members] visit..." noted Audra Keyworth, the Bukit Harapan adminsitrator.
     While half of the volunteers were out working in the trench, the other half were playing with the children. Marines played games like Duck, Duck, Goose, colored, and took pictures with the kids. To cap off the day, the Makin Island's First Class Petty Officer's Association - an association of the Naval Officers on the ship - donated $500 to Bukit Harapan.
     While many Marines are stationed aboard Navy ships, they remain just as dedicated as their fellow branches to public service, both at home and abroad. Their work at Bukit Harapan is just another prime example of how our servicemen and women strive to make the world a better place beyond just protecting it from tyranny and danger.

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