Sunday, May 13, 2012

Applause for Mothers

     So I was at church this morning, and an interesting thing happened.  The Knights of Columbus were there, and everyone applauded for them.  The old, retired priest was there and everyone clapped for him.  There were some people getting confirmed and everyone clapped for them.  But when the Bishop said that he wanted to say a special prayer for mothers, there was no applause.  There was no applause for mothers.
       Now I understand why: there was no applause because the whole congregation was saying a special prayer for them.  But I contend that there still should have been some applause for all the mothers in the congregation and throughout the rest of the world, because if there is anyone who deserve applause it is them.
     Here is the deal, Company: For every awful mother that you see on Maury Povich or Cops, there are approximately thirteen thousand fantastic mothers out there.  And let's not mince words here, folks.  It is not an easy thing to be a mother.  Not in the least bit.  To begin with, birthing a child is an unbelieveably painful thing.  Or at least I can imagine.  I - being a boy - have never given birth to a child, but I have seen what women have to go through and I wouldn't want to have to do it not for anything.  Epiderals aside, all the stuff you have to go through for those nine months means you deserve a million billion thanks and ∞+4 respect points.
Even Bender is calling on you to applaud you mother.
     So we will skip the birth - where the dad passes out six seconds in and the mom is cool and collected through the whole thing - and move on to once the kid is alive.  Now, no matter how much work the dad does in terms of changing diapers and feeding and all that jazz the lions share of the work always seems to fall onto the mother.  And let's be honest, there is something biological that makes children always have a special affinity for their mothers.  Until the time when they are like twelve or so - and we all know what happens once they become teenagers.
     Once you really start to think about things, mothers are the unsung heroes of humanity.  And if you are alive and in a situation where you can read this on a computer or a phone, then your mother or some sort of motherly figure has obviously done something right to shepherd you through life.  I know that my mom did a pretty great job.  So they definitely deserved that prayer that they got this morning - that prayer and a thousand more.  But they also deserved more.  Much more.  So the least that we can go is give up a little bit of applause for mothers.

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