Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Post-Easter Ramblings

     Happy Belated Easter, Company.  I am going to post a picture of some Easter eggs and tell you that I hope you found many of them in and about your homes.
I hope that you found many of these in and about your homes.
     I did not find any of them near the Worldwide Headquarters - unless you count pile after pile of dog shit - mostly because no one bothered to hide any around.  Either that or the Easter Bunny just wanted to go to other worldwide headquarters instead.
    Anyway, I don't really have anything specific to write about for you today, but I figured that it has been a while so I would just put on for you here whatever came to mind.  What is coming to mind to me today is that I went to Mass on Easter Sunday and I was a little bit appalled by how people were dressed.  Now, I was in a small town and I understand that sometimes in a place like that you aren't going to get super fancy plants, but come on.  I guess that I can understand things like jeans, especially in this day and age, but at least put on a collared shirt for Easter Sunday.  I was sitting behind a family, and bless his heart the father had a wife and four daughters.  And they were all teenagers or impending teenagers.  The dad was dressed sort of okay - with a button up shirt and sort of khaki looking carpenter-style pants - but the girls?  Not so much.  The mom was dressed like she was going out to the bar.  Way too much makeup and fake tanning and hairspray.  She had on this little mid-thigh skirt and some hoochie shirt under a coat that she never took off, probably because she was cold for not wearing enough clothes.  Each of the daughters looked like they were about to be on an MTV program including one who was wearing a short skirt and hooded sweatshirt and looked just ridiculous.  For some reason that particular family raised my ire a little bit.  I got the feeling that the father tried for a while but he just sort of looked defeated.
Using children to line garden paths instead of woodchips or stone
is the latest green fad in the landscaping community.
      So that is that.  Spring is here and while I used to sort of look forward to springtime I have learned that it just basically means a lot more work for me - most of it out in the yard.  There is always things to be raked and cut and dug, and all that stuff.  Plus, everything in the yard is expensive.  I can't go into the home improvement store without dropping at least $30.00 on something for the yard, and then I get to go work my ass off as a result of it.  I just don't understand the whole gardening thing.  I know that a lot of people really enjoy it, and they find it relaxing and restorative.  I just find it tiring and dirty.  I do really like the satisfaction that comes with seeing your work once it is all completed but it is such a fleeting thing.  You work and work and plant and then suddenly a fall wind blows by and everything is gone.  It is something you have to do anyway I suppose.  And the yard does look nice...
      In other news, baseball has begun, and I know that I try to not talk a lot of sports on here because you guys don't care, but I am going to do it anyway.  The coming of baseball is a little bit more than a mere sports thing anyway...it is sort of like a cultural thing.  Baseball is like a phenomena in its own right and there is nothing like it.  Also, in a traditional year it is a harbinger of summer, although this year things have been a little strange with the warm early spring weather (Editor's Note: It was snowing outside the Worldwide Headquarters as this was written.) and it seems like summer is already upon us.  The really funny thing about baseball is that it lasts FOREVER.  Right now everyone is excited about it, but in about two months we are all going to be saying "I am sick of baseball...it seems like it's been going on all year."  Just wait until the NFL folks get it into their mind to expand their season to the entire year.  Yikes.
     So that's about it for today, just some post-Easter ham-induced ramblings on the 33rd anniversary of the Red River tornado outbreak.  Have a wonderful day, Company.

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