Friday, March 09, 2012

The Second Coming...Hopefully

     Oh how I have missed this.  I know, I have been very, very bad.  I don't know what happened.  But something did.  I am not going to lie...I was ready to pull the plug on this whole thing.  1157 posts into this little endeavor and I was ready to call it quits and just flush the whole thing.  I actually went so far as to begin composing a goodbye, let's call it quits post in my head.  And it is still there.  I had it all worked up, but then something happened.
      I was checking my e-mail.  I have been having a lot of trouble with my e-mail of late, especially at work.  For some reason my work computer and my e-mail program just don't jive.  Sometimes I erase e-mails and it just doesn't get the hint, so it continues to tell me that I have unread e-mails when I clearly should not.  So when I went through and erased the twenty or so ridiculous spam and advertisement e-mails (admittedly, most for sites or products that I have frequented or signed up for) and it still told me that I had two unread I was confused and a little bit angry.  But when I went and checked my inbox and saw nothing showing up unread all of that emotion flowed over towards the confused side.
     As it turns out, a long time ago on a day when I felt like getting things organized, I created some filters and a number of other folders to sort of handle the e-mail that I had coming in.  One of the those was a separate folder for all the e-mail I get pertaining to this blog.  And lo and behold there was an e-mail in there.  Not a real e-mail but a comment that someone posted on a post that I wrote way back in September of 2011.  And it just came in on Monday.  So that means someone out there is actually still reading this thing on occasion.
     Well that was it.  That was the spark.  It was like when you are totally disinterested with the motorcycle that you bought, and you haven't ridden it in like a year, and you are ready to just put it up on Craigslist, and then suddenly you trip over your helmet in the garage and suddenly you just want to ride, you HAVE to ride, and you want to make the commitment.  So here I am.  I am not going to pull the plug, because I sort of miss this.  Scratch that, I really miss this.  And I am also a little ashamed that there have only been three posts since the New Year.  Unacceptable.  So here I am.  I promise nothing but effort.  But if all goes according to plan this will hopefully be something of a second coming.  And I am excited.

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Brad Perala said...

It's a crazy coincidence then, that I randomly decided to open up my Google Reader, something I've neglected for months, to see a brand spankin' new post from you, on a day when you came out of nowhere to write one. Things work in funny ways sometimes, don't they?