Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

     Strange things are happening around the country today, Company.  In Chicago, the river is turning green.  In Boston, men are wearing skirts.  Every little person in the nation has a job for the day.  In bars, beer is flowing green from the taps.  Partly because of poor sanitation and cleaning, but mostly because it is St. Patrick's Day.
    I have never been into St. Patrick's Day, to be totally honest with you.  I have nothing against the Irish, or Irish Americans, or drinking heavily, but for some reason all of that stuff combined with a sickening amount of green just never did it for me, no matter how many versions of the Irish Spring girl go wandering by.  I will, however, wear green because truth be told I just don't want to be pinched by everyone that I meet on the street or in the house or whatever.
     If you ARE into the St. Patrick's Day thing, go ahead and let 'er snap, but please do so responsibly.  A few years ago when The Boys where visiting and we went downtown on St. Patrick's Day, we saw a chubbly guy in full green regalia sort of trying to stumble up the sidewalk on a giant hill at eleven in the morning.  He might have had a good St. Patrick's Morning, but he just wasn't going to have a good St. Patrick's Day.  So don't be that guy, and most definitely don't drive drunk.  That is bad juju.  But have fun, and may the Luck of the Irish be with you!

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