Sunday, March 25, 2012

Celebrity Justice

     Why would anyone ever want to go on Judge Judy?
     Or The People's Court.  Or any of those judicial shows.  I just don't understand it.  Lots of people are obviously clamoring to go on those shows, or at least they were at one point when there were like fifty of those shows on.  So why is it that they do this?
      You can't go on a court show without consent, right?  That makes sense.  All of those shows work the same way.  The judges on these shows aren't really judges - or at least they aren't anymore.  They are officially arbitrators.  The cases that we see on the shows come out of small claims court, and instead of going through the court system the parties agree to what is called binding arbitration.  So what the "judge" says is the final word.  So all of the cases are real, and all the outcomes are real, and so on and so forth.
       But you wouldn't catch me doing it.  I have no idea how the particular cases that make it on TV get from small claims court in Utica, New York to the courtroom at Judge Judy, but I am guessing that someone has to go online or call someone and offer up their case.  Which means that someone has to float the idea.  I am betting that it is usually the plaintiff who thinks it is a bright idea to go to arbitration on nationally syndicated television.  I can't imagine someone who is being sued who wants to go on TV.
       That is the whole point here, Company.  You generally aren't in small claims court unless you have done something stupid, especially if you are the defendant.  And if you are the plaintiff - unless you are business suing someone for an unpaid bill or maybe you were involved in an accident somehow - you have probably done something stupid as well.  Maybe not something as stupid as the defendant, but you have probably made a bad decision somewhere along the way, or you didn't protect your own interests very well, or something like that.  Either way - whether I am the defendant of the plaintiff - I don't want the entire world knowing about my business.  Especially if it is business that went sour.
        I don't care if you actually make money by going on the show.  Or if they pay off your debts or whatever, I am not going to do it.  I am just not.  I like to watch those shows - for sure - but you won't catch me on there to save my life.  Besides, I am sure that the judge - whomever he or she is - will probably just yell at me anyway.  And who want's that?

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