Monday, December 26, 2011

Black Friday Reduex

     I know that it is not Friday, Company.  I understand that.  I can see very plainly on the calendar that it is Monday, and a little earlier today it was Monday morning.  But now it is afternoon.  Anyway, the reason that it matters that it is Monday as opposed to Friday is because today really should be a Friday, because right now it is Black Friday all over again at all sorts of stores.
     Sort of.  It is missing all the hype that the Black Friday that is right after Thanksgiving gets, and all the stores aren't opening at some unGodly time of the morning.  But the deals are all there, and in some cases there are deals that eclipse what was going on about a month ago or so.  And all the craziness is there too, believe me.
This is what today is becoming all about.
     There are people out there in the world who - despite being Western Christians - have not celebrated Christmas yet.  They have not done it because the members of the family are scattered across the country.  They have not done it because they have an old calendar.  They have not done it because they are waiting until the after Christmas sales in order to save a lot of money on Christmas presents.  And no, I am not joking.
     So as you can see the craziness is out there in full bloom with this particular shopping phenomenon, despite the fact that the reasons for the event are far different.  In November, the stores are all trying to make a buck in advance of the holiday season, and give people are reason to go outside when it is really cloudy and no one wants to leave the house.  But the day after Christmas is a totally different ball of wax.  Remember all that shit that the stores brought in for you to buy on Black Friday?  Well they had to buy it, and you didn't buy all of what they forked over for, so today they are trying to get rid of it all while simultaneously squeezing every available penny out of your pocketbook.  They also know that you just got a check for $50 from your grandmother for the holidays.
     So go out and spend it, because in this case everybody wins.  You get great deals on some shit that you didn't really want in the first place because otherwise you would have bought it sometime in the last month, and they get rid of their surplus inventory that is stacking up in the back.  They make a little extra money and you suddenly have an ice scraper in your garage even though you live in southern Missouri and the ice usually melts the next day.  In this case you get stuff you don't need, instead of on Black Friday when you bought stuff for other people.  But it is just as bad.  'Tis the season.

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