Monday, October 03, 2011

Paying the Internet Price

      So I don't know about you, Company, but at the Worldwide Headquarters - or at least the part that I live in - I do not have unlimited internet availability.  In fact, I usually have to watch pretty closely the amount of data that I send back and forth, which really cuts down on all those pictures I like to send to Mike-a-licious.  Anyway, I was sitting around the other night waiting for the website of a major, well-known corporate serach engine to load, and it was being a little show.  Most of what I wanted to use had already loaded but the site wasn't working correctly because all of the content hadn't finished loading.  So I looked down at the bottom of my internet browser to see what was taking so fucking long, and it was all the stuff for the advertisements.  That is when I got pissed.
     The first thought that went through my head was "How much of my fucking life have I wasted waiting for all these God-damned advertisements to download?"  I mean seriously.  How long?  If I have to wait an extra 30 seconds every time I sign in to...say, Yahoo!...then that time really starts to ad up.  I might sign in to Yahoo! seven or eight times every day.  So that is four minutes a day waiting for advertisements.  That is a half hour a week.  26 hours a year.  So over a day a year I could conveiveably spend waiting to look at ads that a.) I don't even pay attention to and b.) that I don't even want to look at.  That is pretty fucking stupid.
    And it doesn't stop with Yahoo!  Or with one site that you visit.  Every site on the Web (for the most part) has advertisements on it, so you can spend a lot of time waiting for them to load.  Add to that the fact that many have adversitements that you have to contend with even before you get to the site you are looking for, or that every video these days seems to have a 30 or 15 second advertisement before them, and that is a lot of time spent solely devoted to watching people tell you what stuff to buy.  I don't even want to think about how bad the numbers would look if you added in all the TV commecrials you spend time sitting through.
     It is all so dumb, because I obviously don't have a whole lot of money to spend on stuff since I am on a limited Internet plan.  Which brings me another point: how much am I paying for these advertisements that I don't really wany?  Because - let's not mince words here - I have to pay for them.  I am paying for the privilege of having ads shown to me, which is fucking stupid.  I know that it probably isn't much, because the average advertisement doesn't suck down all that much bandwidth or constitute that much data, but it costs me some, and as we have seen above they costs really do add up over time.  So every one of those unwanted advertisements is eating away a little bit of data that I could use to do something that I really want to, and that just makes me angry.  Everyone is getting rich except for me.  How stupid is that?

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