Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Man I Used To Be

     So Company, I have been living the bachelor lifestyle for the last three or four days while my Baby Doll is visiting relatives in Louisiana, and I have to admit that it pretty much fits like a glove.
    See, I was a swinging bachelor for a long time, and I was pretty set in my bachelor ways.  I did a lot of things that the average person - especially a lady - would consider gross and inappropriate.  I had a thing with pants and socks, in so much as I did not like to wear either while I was around the house.  There was a unique approach to dishes that permeated my life, mainly that I would use dishes until I didn't have any left and then wash the whole lot of them.  I also don't think I vacuumed my last apartment from the time I moved in until my mom came to visit me, and let me just suffice it to say that time frame is most easily described using the word "months."  And I usually had to spend a lot of time searching for my bathroom cleaning supplies because I had forgotten where they had been since the last time I had cleaned it.  The other thing that I was
Ahhh...the good old day.  I kinda miss 'em.
     So as you can tell, I was a pretty gross boy bachelor.  And as so often happens, my Baby Doll slowly began to change my ways once we moved in together.  Pants went on (socks, however, are thankfully still optional), I am pretty familiar with the vaccum these days, and I actually do dishes sort of as they come in.  And believe me I can find all the cleaning supplies without much of an issue.  She even has me doing things like eating real meals with utensils, and making the bed.  I even put my laundry away generally within 48 hours of it having been done.
      But she is gone.  My Baby Doll is away for another week still, and so the rules don't apply, in so far as they have apply on the day that she comes back.  I was expecting a full-scale reversion to my old ways, but that hasn't happened.  What I have discovered is that I have centered somewhere in between.  The pants have come off for sure, but the dishes still get done.  However, they don't usually get done right away and they still have a tendency to sit in the dish rack.  The place has still been vacuumed more than any of my old bachelor pads ever were.  And the bed still gets made - in the morning even! - although I will admit that the number of pillows put on it has gone down significantly because I don't need decorative pillows in my life.
     I suppose that I shouldn't have titled this post "The Man I Used To Be" because I haven't really reverted to that, but I thought it sounded good and was a little like a country song or ballad.  I probably should have called it "Sliding Back Into Bachelorism" or something like that, but I just didn't want to.  And that is that.  I will shape up and have everything back to the way it should be before my Baby Doll comes home, I can assure you that.  But until then I am going to enjoy my time as a partial bachelor, because the next time I am left home alone there might not be any of that bachelor left.

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