Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gotta Have It

    I was unable to go home from the Worldwide Headquarters to have lunch today, which would not be such a big problem except that I had sort of expected to go home for lunch so I hadn't brought anything with me.  What that reduced me to was eating the lunches that the Unpaid Interns had left in the fridge, but once those were gone I was left scrounging around the office and eating what I could find in my desk.
     I was able to get my hands on the following things: the remains of some mixed nuts, which consisted of all peanuts and less than you get in one of those little airline packets, a container of the cheapest easy mac that money can buy, although it was pretty delicious, and a snack-sized bag of BBQ potato chips.  This was fine.  I am pretty sure that there was no real nutrition to be had in any of those things other than a little protein in the nuts, but man did they make me want a Coke something furious.
     Now I am not here stumping for Coke, okay?  I will drink Pepsi or RC Cola or whatever, but when it comes down to it I am a Coke person.  And certain foods just make me want a Coke.  Peanuts is one.  Coke goes great with peanuts.  Chips is another one, especailly Doritos.  That is what we are talking about here today.  Not Coke vs. Pepsi - if you are a Pepsi devotee then more power to you.  We are talking about when one thing just makes you crave another thing something fierce.
     My mom is that way sometimes, and the specific example that I can think of is that she always says that a fish fry makes her want a beer.  It must pass down to her son, except in different ways, because it happens to me a lot more than just the Coke thing. For instance, I when I eat pizza or pasta I crave milk which  seems very nonsensical to most people.  But that is just the way it is.  That is the craving that I get.  And I bet you get some cravings too.


BradPerala said...

Dude, milk with spaghetti, totally absolutely with you on that. It just goes together. There are a few things I can think of as far as must-have pairings. There was a little sub shop in my hometown that I could not eat one of their sandwiches without a Mello Yello. (also, did anyone ever notice that that product is totally spelled wrong? Also, Froot Loops.) Secondly, Payday bar with a Dr. Pepper. Can't have a Payday with out a Dr. Pepper.

Big Dave said...

I can see the sub shop and Mello Yello thing, as some subs depending what are on them kick soda jozes on for me too. I am not sure about the Dr. Pepper with Payday thing although I admit I have never tried it. If it works for you then I say more power to you!