Friday, September 30, 2011

The Genius GM Recovery

     Ummm...okay.  We need to have a talk about General Motors, specifically the fact that I have been seeing an awfully large number of very new GM vehicles with a burned out headlight.  If you have a 2008 Chevy Silverado that you paid like $40,000 for, you should have headlights that last longer than three years.  I know that GM has probably been trying to cut some corners in order to both pay its government bailout back as well as its gigantic executive salaries, but light bulbs?  That doesn't make sense.  I know that a couple of dollars on a million trucks makes an awful lot of money, but ask Ford about how well that worked when they tried it with the Pinto.
      The reason that it works too is because it is a vicious headlight circle.  See, you buy the hideous looking truck (I am using that as an example, I have seen lots and lots of mid-2000's GM vehicles with the same symptoms) for way too much money even though you are never going to tow anything and it gets way too shitty of gas mileage to make it worth toting your family around, and pretty soon your headlight goes out.  You are pididdle.    One headlight, like a Wallflowers song.  People are hitting the roofs of their cars as you drive by.  That is because GM has used a cut-rate light bulb in your giant fucking truck.  So you go out and get a new one, a light bulb that Gm has approved.  And that one will burn out pre-maturely as well.  And so it goes.  It is a vicious cycle that has brought General Motors back to promenence.  And it is genius.

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