Saturday, September 10, 2011


     So, as I type this, Company, I am camping.  Sort of.  There is a really strange fusion between the creature comforts and styles of home and "roughing it" that is going on right now that would make a lot of old timers and purists shake their heads in shame, and it is not in the way that you think.
     First of all, let me go ahead and dispel the obvious.  If you are like me, and you read that first paragraph, the first thing that springs to mind is probably something like this:

where they owners might be roughing it because they can't fit their SUV in the car slot and the TV is only a 42" model.  We are not engaged in some sort of strange mix like this, but we still have a strange mix going on.
      We are in tents, which is the classic idea of camping.  Granted, they are newer tents with shock cord poles and the whole nine yards, but it is not out fault that we weren't buying tents in the 40s.  There is a propane camp stove, and coolers for our food.  But that is about as far as we go towards roughing it.
      First of all, the van is parked about ten feet away from where I am sitting.  Secondly, we are fully plugged in.  I woke up this morning and found an iPad and iPone charging in between my Baby Doll and I.  That is not roughing it, really, since there is a cord coming into the tent.  There is also WiFi, some pretty advanced WiFi because it keeps track of you and it only gives you an 8-hour window from when you log on to use it in a 24 hour period.  And they can restrict speed and usage if you are downloading a ton, which means I am going to have to be real careful about downloading all that midget porn.  Oh, and it is strong, because the map says the hotspot is way across the campground but I have five bars like I was a Cingular customer or something.  There is also water spigots everywhere, like more than one per campsite, so if I turned them all on we would probably have some sort of flood.

There we are.  I am the good looking guy at the front.
      And it is not rustic in any way, shape, or form.  It is a campground.  There are about eleventy billion sites wedged into like a five acre area, and they are all gravel made for RV's.  Nice stone fire rings are in each site.  There are three heated pools, and a store with an attached game room where I can play pinball and shoot pool if I want to.  I went before and was talking about the strength of the WiFi hotspot and I wanted to say that it was by the theater, that's right there is a theater and last night they were showing Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel with Jason Lee, to whom I have to apologize because from afar in the dark last night I thought he was Steve Carrell.       So that is that.  We are in tents with propane and coolers, but we fully plugged in.  I am on a laptop that was generously provided by Gigabyte Systems for all my travel blogging needs.  With great signal and it is plugged in.  But now everybody is starting to wake up, so I suppose that it is time to get back to camping.  Our unique 21st Century version of it anyway.


irs form 2290 said...

While a luxury bus or RV is perfect for camping, I agree with you that the best way to camp is going by traditional means. (And not buying luxury travel vehicles would save you from HVUT too)

Rosemary said...

@irs form

Having a luxury vehicle like that defeats the idea of camping itself. I mean, what is the point of going outdoors and natural state parks if you do not like to leave your city luxuries and comforts?

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Big Dave said...

I agree, I am all about camping in tents. But I am beginning to realize that there comes a point where you just don't want to be on the ground anymore. But I will continue to tent it for as long as I can, because otherwise I might as well just hang out in my backyard, right? Then again, if someone offered me a free fancy pants RV, I would take it in a heartbeat. So maybe I am all talk...

buck knife said...

These are too expensive for my meager income. But I can camp out and live without those end luxuries. After all, experiencing nature should be priceless.