Monday, September 12, 2011

Ad Senseory Overload

     If you have ever watched the show Mad Men on Showtime or HBO or whatever network it is on, then you have seen the inside of the world of advertising when it was at its height of glamour and sophitication and extreme coolness.  If you have ever seen Bewitched before then you have seen the family friendly version of it.  That was an exciting time, when where were lots of people getting into new homes for the first time, television was really taking off pretty hardcore, and there just seemed to be a lot of people willing to buy things, and willing to be sold on things in exciting new ways.  I don't know what the world of advertising is like today, at least behind the scenes, but I can't imagine that it is all that exciting.  But what I do know is a lot about the world of advertising from a seat in the gallery, and what I have come to tell everyone here today is that it needs to stop.
     I don't even pay attention to advertisements anymore.  Really.  Once in a while one will get a hold of my senses and sort of stick, and I might even write about it here, but most of the time I just don't notice it or I do and it makes me angry.  Like when the friendly local town down the road sold advertising space in their public stadium - ON THE FIELD ITSELF - in order to finance their improvements.  That to me seemed tacky, even though it is done in stadiums all around the world.  Or when teams sell space on their uniforms.  That bugs me.  I wanted to look at a website today and I had to sit through a 30 second commercial.  That pissed me off a little bit.  I was seriously annoyed.  But for the most part they are just part of the scenery, because they are everywhere.  Billboards on buildings or the side of the road.  Fliers in my mailbox.  On the side of busses.  In my bank statement.  I even have to watch video messages while I take a wizz.  There just aren't a whole lot of places where one can look an not see an advertisement.
     It is to the point where that just might be the easiest way to make a splash these days: buy up all the billboards along a stretch of highway and keep them blank, then have a billboard at the end for your product.  I assure you that more people will notice.  I always notice when someone brings a television show or special to me without interruption.  Stick a commercial for the sponsor at the front and the back and be done with it.  We will notice.  Use you imagination, but not to think of more places that I am going to have to see ads.  That is not the key.  The time has come when less most certainly is more.  So just chill out with the ads for a while.  I assure you we will all take notice.

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