Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Ten Dumbest...

     Have you ever seen one of those cable TV shows where they get lots of videos, etc, then count them down while B C D E F somewhere below the grade scale-list celebrities make jokes about what they are watching?  Have you ever seen those shows, Company?  Well they suck balls.
     First of all, let me throw out some credit for them.  The videos are usually pretty funny, or at least pretty wacky.  Lots of stupid people doing a lot of stupid things.  The one that is playing on the TV behind me is one in which they are counting down the world's ten dumbest tourists.  They have them for just about everything - criminals, sports moments, security guards, whatever.  So you get to see lots of retarded retards doing lots of retarded retard things.  But what usually ruins the show is all the people making the comments.
     None of them are funny.  Lots of them are listed as "comedians" which I fund strange because there is very little comedy coming out of any of them.  They are saying lots of things, and most of them are trying really have (too hard really) to make a funny, but they just aren't hitting the mark.  One time I saw a couple of guys who were always together like some sort of messed up conjoined twins that were recently separated, and they were listed as "humorists" which makes even less sense, because they were lacking in humor and that hasn't been a word since 1867 anyway.  And then of course there is Tanya Harding.  I am not sure what in her experience has qualified her to be on this show - since I assume that most of the "comedians" on the show have at least been paid to tell jokes before a crowd before, although sometimes I am not sure - but there she is.  I would expect her to be on a show about hiring people whack other people in the knee, or a show on figure skating, or a show about being a washed-up never-celebrity, but I don't think she needs to be on there commenting on videos.  If that is the best star power they could drum up I can undertand why it is on truTV at 1:17 a.m.
     I also hate the graphics that I have to watch.  The videos are okay, as I have said before, but they put all these graphics and whatnot in the background that are supposed to be funny and they just aren't.  They are usually stupid and unbelieveably annoying.  And they break up my video watching pleasure with stuff that they are doing on high school television stations all across the Intermountain West.  So those should also go away quickly or I am going to be tempted to throw a brick through the television screen.
     All that being said, even though these shows aren't funny and are a little annoying, they are entertaining.  I mean, I chuckle, and I will watch them over and over with no complaint.  Even if there is a random game on ESPN there is a pretty good chance that I will watch them.  They don't lack entertainment.  They just lack general quality.  Maybe they are just auditioning for and gathering clips for their next show, "The Ten Dumbest Video Commentators."

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