Monday, August 15, 2011

Setting Up the Tent

      So Company, have you ever had one of those moments when you just know something is going to happen as a result of you actions, but you do them anyway and then it happens and you're pissed?  Kind of like a Murphy's Law sort of thing?  Well it happened to me today and it just sort of made me want to throw a brick at the next person that walked by on the street.
     We went camping this last weekend, and since I am always tenting anyway we went camping in a tent.  But don't worry, we didn't have to sleep on the ground or anything like I used to do back in the day - we were very much car camping just with a tent.  So there were air mattresses, a distressing number of sleeping bags, and all sorts of stuff that makes it really quite pleasant.  So anyway, fast forward to Sunday night and I am unpacking, and it is time to set up the tent.  I always like to set my tent up before (didn't do it this time) and after we go camping, to clean it and let it air out and whatnot.  When I set it up I could see that the grass hadn't been mowed for some time, and I thought "As soon as I set this damn thing up, he is going to come and cut the grass tomorrow."  But I put it up anyway because the weather was supposed to be nice and the grass cutting guy always comes on the weekend.
I might as well have set up the fucking thing like this.
     Nope.  Not this time.  I came home from work and the guy had very carefully cut all the way around the tent and even the stakes.  Oh yeah.  And I am sure that he was pissed off because he is lazy and likes to ride around on a riding lawn mower, and I am sure that my temporary canvas domicile put a crimp in those plans.  But I give him some credit, because I would have just mowed the damn thing down.  Scratch that.  I talk a big game but I wouldn't have done that.  I would have probably just mowed all around it and come back when it was down.
      But regardless of what he decided, I was still a little pissed off at fate or whatever else caused those events to unfold in that manner.  I mean, what the fuck's with that shit?  All I wanted to do was set up my tent, now I am the asshole who got in the way of lawn mowing day.  Come tomorrow when I take it down, I am going to have a big patch of long-ass grass right in the middle of my backyard, like I routinely take a dump there or something and the grass grows extra long.  It is going to look absolutely retarded back there, where lots of people in the neighborhood can see, and everyone is going to wonder what the hell that is all about.  All because fate had to reach down and bitch slap me for no reason whatsoever.  Thanks fate.  Thanks Murphy's Law.  Thanks for making me look like an ass.

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