Sunday, August 21, 2011

Random Questions

Here are some random thoughts that have popped up in my head throughout the day...

If you had a private workout room with a private shower, etc...why would you feel the need to wear sandals into the shower?

How can one be bored in Amsterdam?  Especially if you are well-to-do?

Don't you think you would realize that half your ass was sticking out if half your ass was sticking out?

How is it that in the cracker world Goldfish are bigger than Whales?

Yahoo! has been sucking lately, so why is it that I continue to use it to look stuff up all the time?  What is up with that?

How come I had never heard of sponge candy until like six months ago?  Especially when my dad loves the stuff?  How did I miss out on all that shit?

Why is it that Kraft Mac and Cheese costs $1.65 in a box at the store but $7.00 on the kids menu on a friendly, local restaurant?  Talk about markup.

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