Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Stuff

     So a while back we had a rummage sale, and I was wondering about if my stuff was any good, because it just wasn't selling like I wanted it too.  No big deal.  I ended up taking a bunch of shit down to the friendly local Goodwill store in order to get it out of my garage.  So earlier today, Baby Doll and I decided to go into the Goodwill to look and see if any of our stuff was on the shelf.
      Okay, I am not sure if that is why she was there but I was there to do that.  So I went in and started cruising around, specifically looking for the items that I knew I had donated.  And I struck out.  There was not a single thing that I knew I donated that I could find.  And I will admit that I was a little bit miffed.  The fact that there was nothing of mine could only mean three things:

1.)  My shit sucks.  My things aren't good enough to be put out on the shelves, so as they went around and sorted things they decided that they would do what I couldn't, namely toss it in the garbage bin.  And that makes me sad, because I think that all my stuff would make a wonderful contribution to someone's happy home.  Who are those a-holes at Goodwill to judge my things anyway?  They had  a  Hi-Fi for sale in the corner.

A.)  My shit is super popular.  This is a highly likely scenario.  First of all, I am super popular and my things would naturally be highly desirable.  Also they are all super cool.  So I imagine that once they went out on the shelves they flew off like hotcakes.  I am sure there was a line - land rush style.  So I assume that they are just all gone.

iii.)  My shit is waiting to go out on the shelves.  Maybe there are a ton of donations to Goodwill and they just don't have the space to put out my awesome, desirable things.  So they are tucked away somewhere safely in back waiting for the scenario above to play out.  That is a slightly lesser probability than number A.) but it is still possible.

     So those are the ideas that I had as to what might have happened to my things at Goodwill.  That is all that could be possible.  But none of it was out there for people to see, so I just don't know.  And I probably never will.  And that is sad.

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