Thursday, August 11, 2011

I've Got A New Shirt On

     Editor's Note: I wrote this post during my Internet-less time while I was wearing a brand new shirt.  Read on.

     There is just something about a new shirt that is really, really neat. It can be closely approximated by the feeling of a new sweatshirt, and it is always beaten hands down by the feeling and smell of a new car, but it is still pretty neat.

     A lot of people don’t like the new shirt feeling, and I guess that I don’t understand. Well, I do, but I don’t agree. How is that for something closer to the truth? It is a cleanliness and more so a softness thing. New shirts can be a little stiff in the fabric, and sometimes they can chafe a little bit on the more sensitive areas of a body. That I think is why most people aren’t into the whole new shirt thing. That and the cleanliness factor. A lot of people won’t wear a new article of clothing until it is washed because they don’t know where it has been and who has touched it and what it has been treated with. Yeah, like running your new t-shirt through the short cycle with some Gain is going to leech out all those dyes, chemicals, and additives they put in those things these days.
     But I love it. There is something about the smell and the feel and the just newness of the whole thing that I love. Something about unadulterated fabric – before the washing and drying have their way with the fibers – when they are still alive in their natural state – that just can’t be beat. I love a t-shirt in the way that they were manufactured to be. It is just so new and fresh and I love it.
     I think that if I had it my way – and I never will – I would have nothing but half brand new shirts and half really comfortable worn favorite shirts, which would be difficult at best because you have to wear shirts a long time before they get there and they would have to go right through that stage that I am trying to avoid. But I digress, I will never live that impossible dream. It is nice to think about. As for me, I am going to enjoy wearing the band new, out of the package shirt that I am wearing tonight, and I might wear it for a little while tomorrow to before I go out in the community. Just because it might not happen again for a while and I like it. A new shirt. It’s wonderful.

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