Monday, August 08, 2011

Internet Withdrawl

    Well Company, I know that our service has been a little do we say...spotty lately, to say the least, and most of that stems from a loss of Internet at the Worldwide Headquarters for the last ten days or so.  I am not exactly sure why there has been no Internet service there - I am sure that one of the Unpaid Interns or poorly paid secretaries was working on it - but it was gone, which makes it exceedingly difficult to be part of an Internet based business venture.  So that is why there was such poor service on the blog as of late.
      That being said, I have been going a little crazy because of it.  Just a little.  I can hear all you old skids out there huffing and puffing and getting all up in arms, saying things like "We lived without the Internet for years and we were just fine.  You don't need it."  And I understand that, because I too lived in an Internet-less world for many years.  I was just getting out of high school when the Internet became mainstream and the computers to access it became reasonably affordable.  So I remember what it was like when there wasn't up to the minute everything, and when most places you got information were easily identifiable as trustworthy.  So settle down.
     The reason that I have been going a little stir crazy is because I am just not used to that Internet-free world anymore.  It is not like I can't survive in that arena - I am obviously here and my bills are all paid - but I have become awfully accustomed to having any bit of information at my beck and call.  So if I want to know the lyrics to a certain song that is playing on a commercial, I can look at it right then.  If I want to check the radar before I go out to float down the river on a floaty tube, I could do it.  If I wanted to look at dirty pictures of celebrtities, then I could.  And all that was taken away the last ten days or so.  And I just missed it.
     So maybe I am hooked, I don't know.  But if I was I kicked the habit the last ten days, because by yesterday I was back to getting my weather from the TV or the window, my celebrity gossip from whomever I was talking to, and my dirty pictures from my mind.  There was no tweeting or Facebook or electronic mail orany of that stuff, and I was just fine with it.  But the first few days it was supremely annoying.  Sort of just like the Internet can be.  Now isn't that strange.

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