Saturday, August 27, 2011

If You Please

     S'il vous plait.  That is French, and literally translated it means "if you please."  It is how we are all taught to say please in that language until like you go there and one of your French friends teaches you a much cooler, more modern, and less official way of saying it.  And it is also something that I have come into a bad habit of not saying enough.
     I noticed this problem in the car while my Baby Doll and I were traveling.  I was driving, at many miles per hour (that's many kilometers per hour for our foreign friends) and she was riding, but was nice enough to grab my drink out of the back, fetch me a piece of gum from her purse, etc.  And I said thank you every time - like a good boy - but I was struck by the fact that I wasn't asking please like I should be.  I wasn't demanding, I was asking politely, but not politely enough because I wasn't saying please.
     Which is sort of stupid because when we are kids the favorite game that grown ups have is making us say please whenever we ask for something.  "Can I have a drink of you soda?"  To which the adult always responds "What do you say?" and then they have to say "please."  It is like some sort of sick adult pleasure that we get in making these kids bend to our will, and as a bonus we get to cloak it in the guise of teaching them to say please.  But it obviously doesn't work, because by the time they are teenagers they are just demanding things and taking what they want anyway, and by the time they are grown up media moguls they are just forgetting to say it anyway. so many things in my life I am going to make a conscious and concerted effort to go ahead and throw it in there, even if it makes me seem overly polite and a little bit off kilter.  It should be a good fit because I am a little bit off kilter.  But at least I will be polite, and that has to count for something, right?  My mom should be proud at least.

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