Wednesday, July 20, 2011

YouTube Redicovered

     So, I kind of forgot about YouTube until just earlier this evening.  Yeah, I bet you didn't see that one coming.
     I haven't gone on YouTube in about, oh, seven and a half months.  And that is no lie.  I know that sometimes I purposefully exaggerate time and amount in order to get a laugh, but in this care that is an honest and possibly correct assessment. Seven and a half months.  That is amazing since there is so much cool shit on there just waiting to be watched, including about six hundred things that have gone viral and then faded away into nothing (see, there goes the exaggerating thing again, but you smiled, didn't you?) that I probably should have seen just so that I could be part of the crowd.  But I didn't see them because - to be honest - it had never crossed my mind that I could just pop over to YouTube and watch it.  Son of a bitch.
     I even have an account on YouTube.  Yeah, that's right.  I have all sorts of favorites stored all over the place, but I forgot about them so they were no better to me than that box of VHS tapes that is gathering dust up in the attic.  And there is some good stuff.  There might even be a video of a guy getting hit in the sack with something.  Now that's classic.  America's Funniest Home Videos classic.  And it is in there.
    So don't worry, Company; and don't worry YouTube.  I have remembered and even surfed around a little bit to see what was out there.  I am back.  Or maybe you are back.  I am not sure which, but someone is back somewhere doing something.  And we are reunited.  I would like to say that I will not do it again, but I might.  I am just being honest.  But then we can always get reunited again, in all your video glory.

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