Monday, July 04, 2011

Breaking the Chains on Independence Day

      Well happy Independence Day, everyone.  You might know it a little better as the Fourth of July, which is what everyone seems to be calling it.  I tend to not call it the Fourth of July - at least officially - because it is the fourth day of July everywhere, it just doesn't mean anything to people in say, Cameroon or Indonesia.  But here it is Independence Day and that means we are celebrating the day that our nation was born.  Or at least the day that its birth certificate was signed.  And by that I mean the Declaration of Independence.
     Now, before we get to the meat of the issue, let's take a minute to say a couple of thank you's.  First of all, to any troops: active or discharged, who have served to keep this country great.  No matter what war or conflict you have served in, and whether you served at the front lines in the Ardennes or behind a deck in Omaha, you deserve some recognition and thanks for what you have done.  Also, let's take a minute to thank another group of people: all of those who work on this Independence Day.  I know they usually don't get any recognition, but I was one of those people for years and I know that it sucks.  So thank you to everyone who is helping to make the world go around while the bulk of us just good off and watch parades and shoot off fireworks.  So thank you to all of them, and I sincerely hope that 1.) you get some holiday pay and b.) you have the chance to celebrate a little on your own.
     All that being said, it is Independence Day, and while it is important to note the birth of our nation, Independence Day is also sort of useful as a marker to note the middle of the year, even if it is not exactly in the middle.  We are just a touch over six full months past when we all made those New Year's resolutions, and if you are anything like me they have fallen by the wayside long, long ago.  And if not, then more power to you; I am truly impressed.  But anyway, if you have fallen off the proverbial wagon, now is the time to renew your commitment to whatever it was that was so important in the dark days of winter.  If that is not your bag, celebrate a little bit of independence of your own.  Declare you independence from whatever is bugging you, whatever it is that you are dependent on and don't want to be, or anything that seems to be having undue influence over you.  Just declare your independence.  Be done with it.  Now is the time.  The spirit of independence and rebellion against tyranny is in the air.  Go with it.  And most of all, have a safe and happy Independence Day.  Hopefully we can celebrate more than one Declaration of Independence.

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