Friday, June 03, 2011

Storm Event

    I am waiting for Helen Hunt.  All the signs are here from all the tornado movies, right?  There is the deep lack of birds chirping.  The air is heavy.  There are people sort of milling around in the streets and there are lots of car doors opening and closing in the neighborhood.  There is like one star showing in the sky, and just a little bit of a lazy breeze that can't seem to decide from which way it wants to blow.  The weatherpeople on TV and the Internet and wherever else are predicting all sorts of storms.  So I am just waiting for Helen Hunt to show up and the tornado will be right behind.
     In all seriousness, I do love storms, especially during the day when I can sort of keep an eye on them.  But I like the tension in the air as they roll in, and I like the guys on TV and the relatively uninformed public getting all up in arms as a result.  I like sitting here and hearing something and wondering if it was thunder.  I like seeing the cars with trailers heading towards the area where the sky is darker and thinking "oh man, it sucks to be them" but secretly being a little jealous.  I love jealously pouring over the radar as it flashed on some sort of screen, and seeing the green turn to yellow turn to red as the wind picks up.
      And I love when Mother Nature unleashes her fury, and it rains like the end of days and trees bend over and almost touch the ground and sky turns all sorts of colors the sky really shouldn't be.  Then after like ten or twenty minutes it is all done and the sun comes out again and you can go outside and pick up worms off the sidewalk.  I love it all, the whole summer thunderstorm schedule of events, as it happens time and time again.  And it is happening tonight, although hopefully without the tornado.  I still wouldn't mind seeing Helen Hunt come by though.

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