Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Responses to Monday Musings

I have an answer for all of your queries, whether I spelled that right or not:
I wanted to comment on the "Monday Musings" over at Life: An Observation but I got a little long winded, and I am super lazy

1.) No, you are not required to talk to them unless they are asking you questions directly pertaining to the service they are providing you, such as "Does your toe usually bleed this much?"

2.) Don't even pay attention to the huffaluffagus, okay? People who make a huff in public as a means of showing their disapproval with something are almost always taking that something far too seriously.  If they weren't they would just politely ask you to stop doing whatever you are doing.  If the best path to conclusion - in his mind - is to make unintelligible grunting noises he can just deal with himself.  If whatever disruption were actually a serious disruption he would have politely asked whomever was causing it to stop.  Unless, of course, the disruption was that he was having a heart attack or something, in which case it isn't your problem but you are uniquely qualified to help him out.

3.) Don't settle for canned peaches, just remember that prep times on recipes are ALWAYS WRONG. I have never come across one that is correct because recipes are made by professional chefs or people who have been making that dish since the beginning of time, so of course they are longer. Prep times from TV shows are always wrong because a lot of the ingredients they use are pre-prepped for them. "Wash and chop your vegetables as soon as you get home from the grocery store." Yeah, bite me Rachael Ray.

4.) It is important to remember that when you are getting a smartphone with internet capabilities that can start your car, brush your teeth, and raise your childern all while surfing OMG and txt-ing your BFF while talking on the phone to Grand-ma-ma that you aren't really getting a phone, you are getting a little touchscreen computer that you can put in your pocket and that happens to make phone calls.  So don't think of it compared to your old land line plan, or to the cell phone plan you had back when you had the black-on-green screen Nokia that didn't even flip open.  Think of it as two-thirds of one of those bundles they are always talking about on TV, but with the convenience of mobility.  That being said, they are still outrageously priced.
5.)  I have always wondered about why doctors offices have such terrible magazine selections, and somewhere along the way I decided that doctors must do that as a sort of pre-check for their patients.  Let's say that you are in the doctor's office and you are looking pretty much like your normal self, but you've been reading the magazines and when you get into the exam room you are talking about your disappointment that Guiding Light is going to go off the air in September and that tells the doctor that maybe your fever is a little higher than your appearance is letting on, right?  Other than that the only reason that I can figure is that doctors have a mean streak that is always quashed by the Hippocratic Oath, so they take it out that way.  That and by making you wait for obscenely long times to get in to see anyone.  I have had some horror stories at the clinic I go to.  But that is neither here nor there.  We will save that for another time.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny. Thanks for taking the time to answer my random questions to the world. And, no, my toe doesn't usually bleed that much.