Friday, June 17, 2011

Rearview Mirror

    I sat down today, Company, to peck out on my keyboard a post about how I have a really nasty habit of chewing my fingernails, cuticles, and the skin around the ends of my fingers.  I was going to call it "Soilent Me" (get it?  pretty clever I thought).  But then I thought about it for...oh, six seconds...and I realized that nobody wants to hear about that shit.  I mean, that is gross.  So I started looking around for some inspiration.  That is the official version that you will find in all of the history texts.  But in reality I was actually cruising through my old blog posts to find something that I could put up as a "Big Dave and Company Classic" because I just couldn't think of anything.  That is off the record though, so let's hop back into officialdom and I was searching my old posts for inspiration.  I did not find any.  What I found was a bunch of pretty good posts on a wide range of topics and I thought to myself "What the hell happenend to that stuff?"
     Yeah, I want to know what happened to that guy.  I hit the "oldest" button on my editior and was reading some of the real early stuff, from the first couple of months, like up to and right around my 50th post, and some of it was fantastic.  I read those now and I get this sort of sense of awe because in my mind I don't write like that anymore, I am a little more stuffy and boring in my old age.  Or maybe I just get the feeling like maybe I am hanging around too long and have done just about everything there is to do.  Kind of like The Simpsons, where they are still around and people still watch (I assume someone is still reading what I write) but the shows in season 22 just don't have the same feeling as the shows from season 4, and I suppose that is okay.  I suppose that is just how it goes.  But it still makes me sad.
      I am not sure what it is going to take to catch that old spark, or whatever you want to call it.  That assumes that it can be caught.  Maybe a million billion sessions on a couch with a man who is charging $200 per hour to hear me babble will do it.  Maybe not.  Maybe I need to have a real early midlife crisis and buy a Corvette and start hanging around pool halls or something.  Maybe not.  I honestly can't tell you that I have ti figured out.  I hope those days are not gone forever.  Anyway, enough brooding about the past.  If you want to go get a sense of what Big Dave and Company was like way back in its infancy, I would suggest that you go back to March of 2008 and start looking, but don't go any farther than say March of 2009.  That is about the limit.  But they were good.  And they will always be.  Enjoy, and I hope that we can get some of that magic here in the now.

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