Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Paulding Light

      So, way up in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan there is something called the Paulding Light.  There are no real good explanations as to what the light actually is, and there is a lot of folklore surrounding it.  I am not going to get into all of that business, but I am just going to say that I have been to see the Paulding Light a bunch of times, and I have seen it be really active and do all sorts of neat tricks, and I have been to see it and seen it do nothing, not even show up.  She is a cruel mistress like that.  All that being said, I went up there with some friends of mine last night and I swear to God the Paulding Light was fucking with my mind.
It even has its own apparel...
     As usual, there was a group of people out there watching for the Light when we got there, including a couple of guys who were into looking at it through binoculars.  Students from Michigan Tech have observed it through a telescope before.  So I was all equipped to view it through my binoculars so that I could get a closer look to see what it was doing.  See, you view the light from quite a distance away, and it is supposed to split into multiple and make all sorts of colors and motions, but I don't always see well.  So I figured that I would view it with my binoculars and get a closer look.
      Except it didn't want to be seen.  At least not by me.  The other guys watched the damn thing through their field glasses all night long, but every time it came up and I went to look at it through my binoculars, I wouldn't be able to see it and it would disappear for a while.  Then it would come back, and I would try to look at it through the binoculars and it would go away.  I tried probably five times to look at the Paulding Light through my binoculars and it went away every time.  So eventually I stopped because it was starting to annoy the people that I was with.  But the Light just had it out for me last night.  She is a cruel mistress, that Paulding Light.  And apparently, it is willing to mess around with one person out of the group that is trying to see it.  Just another layer to add to the mystery I guess.

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