Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Off the Grid

     I read a headline just a couple of minutes ago that said there were 27,000 people nearby who were out of electricity due to high winds and the first thought in my mind was "those lucky bastards."
This is your source of light when you are off the grid.
     I think that maybe I might like a week or so off of the grid.  Sure, refrigeration and food preperation become a chore, but the soft glow of an oil lantern and a battery powered radio just might do the trick.  It seems to me that more and more of the things that sort of stress me out in this life come into my world via electronic media - things like the television and especially the Internet.  So it might be night to just unplug from those things, forget about it for a while, and sort of decompress.
     I mean, it can't be THAT awful to live off the grid.  People did it for years and years before Ben Franklin flew his kite, and there are still people in all sorts of remote places who do it.  Up in Arctic Canada or in the Amazon rainforest or on isolated islands in the sea.  And they seem to be doing alright.  I understand that things follow a little different rhythm, and a little different pattern of life and generally require a lot more work and patience, but sometimes I think that might be just what I need.
     I would keep a radio around - a battery powered one - not so much for the news but because it is summer and it just wouldn't be the same without baseball on the radio.  Plus, I am going to want to know if there is nasty weather afoot.  So I wouldn't be totally unplugged.  But if there was no electric, cable, or telephone lines running into the place I was staying it really wouldn't be so bad.
     So maybe I will try it, but then again probably not.  There is a fine line that can be struck long before I am chopping wood for heat on a suddenly chilly June night.  But it is certainly nice to at least sort of fantasize about what it would be like to be off the grid for a little while.

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