Sunday, June 05, 2011

Down and Gout

     James Michener is a world-renown author who has seen a lot of stuff.  He has traveled the world and was even on active duty in the Navy during World War II.  So one could image what he has seen and been through.  He was even on dialysis for years at the end of his life.  Yet, through all the things that he went through in his autobiography he took the time to mention how much the gout hurt.  He said what when he had an attack of it was the only time that he considered cutting off a part of his body.
     The gout is a buildup of uric acid crystals in a joint, and I have it.  It is usually present in the big toe, but in my body it usually occurs in my ankles.  Once you have the disease you always have it, and every so often I have an attack of it.  My ankle usually gets red and swollen and it hurts like a bitch to walk.  Have you ever sprained or twisted an ankle?  You know that terrible painful feeling when you first try to walk on it?  When I am having an attack of the gout that is what my ankle feels like ALL THE TIME.  When I try to walk on it the pain ramps up a bunch of notches.  I have some pills that will usually make it go away and I can get on with my life, but this time it isn't working out so hot.
These spikey assholes are what's in my ankle right now.
      See, this particular attack is proving to be extremely persistent.  I have had it for like five days now, and it just hasn't gone away.  An attack usually lasts 3 or 4 days, and I thought it was going away but today it has come back stronger than ever.  That is strange.  And it is pissing me off, because I am sick of hobbling around the joint like some sort of fat idiot.  I want to walk normally.  One would think that it is good to have an excuse to lie around on the couch but there is just so much loafing around that one can do.  So I want to be better.
       So that is what has been going on in my life the last few days, and I am sick of it.  I am about ready to get one of those Rascal scooters but they cheap asses who own the place didn't build the Worldwide Headquarters to handicapped accessible specifications.  So I just hobble around and act cranky and pop some more pills.  I mean, it has to end soon.  Until then I am down and gout for the count.

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