Saturday, June 18, 2011

Birthday Greetings

     So let me tell you why I suck as a person, Company.  I suck as a person because I apparently go through my life oblivious to what all is going on, including things like dates and times and who exactly was I shaking hands with at that party last night?  So anyway, as would pretty much be expected I was going through life a day behind with no idea, despite the fact that people were telling me what was going on.  So when Mike-a-licious and Janet from Another Planet came cruising through it never occurred to me that it was actually Mike-a-licious' birthday today, and I didn't even say a thing.
This would be perfect if I knew someone named Shane.
     So I suck, and I owe a big, fat, Happy Birthday to the man who not only keeps me straight and on the narrow path, but he technically produces our almost award winning podcast in ways that would win awards if they had them for those kinds of things.  Or if I was willing to pony up the money to apply to be in those sorts of competitions.  So it is important that I recognize the day that he was brought into this world, and I failed.  Failed something fierce.  So if you want to send him some congratulatory happy birthday wishes to we will read them on the air and it will be a nice surprise for him.  So do it, DO IT NOW!
      But that's not all.  I also failed to notice or remark on the fact that it is my boy G-Funk's birthday as well.  I don't think that he is taking it all so hard since I saw some pictures of him sitting in a pool with some drinks in the warm sunshine, so I think that he is doing just fine.  But I hope that he has the happiest of days, or at least that he had the happiest of days.
     So all I am saying is that I suck, and I fail.  At least in this case.  So Happy Birthday guys, and shame, shame on me.

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