Friday, June 10, 2011

Apartment Living

     I once knew a young Russian girl who was sharing with me her hopes and dreams.  We were talking about what kind of place we would like to live and she said that if she ended up settling in the United States she would want to have a house, but if she ended up settling in Russia she would want an apartment.  That struck me because it seemed like an apartment was good enough for Russia but not for the United States.
     And that is the dream that has been drilled into American heads since the days before Levittown.  The house with the white picket fence and the 2.3 kids running around with the station wagon turned minivan turned SUV parked right out in front.  Maybe a boat parked around the back or something.  But apparently in other countries it isn't so.  Apparently there an apartment will do, and the same goes for cities like New York City.  And I am here to say that I understand.  I really don't mind apartment living.
      Now, I understand all the points that the pro-house crowd trot out when talking about houses vs. apartments.  You are paying towards something that is your own.  You have all the control over what goes on, what colors the place is, etc.  And you have a piece of ground that is all yours when it is all said and done.  Plus, you don't share a wall with anyone and you can make as much noise as you want.   All that business.  But I can and will trot out a bunch of counterpoints, the first of which is that while your place is your own, but you also have all the costs to bear on your own.  So if the water heater goes bad, you have to replace it all yourself.  If the roof starts leaking, that is your problem and yours alone.  Taxes?  You have to pay them out of your pocket. 
     And those are just some of the cons of home ownership, which I guess would be pros of apartment living.  And I just like apartment living anyway.  There is something about living in a space of your own that is part of a group of all sorts of other peoples' own spaces.  First of all, apartments come in about elventy billion configurations for every type of personality.  And if you live in a big complex you get the opportunity to see a whole bunch of different takes on the same space, since they tend to all have similar layouts.
     I don't know.  I realize that I am rambling a little bit, and that I am doing a horrible job of making any sort of point, but I have spent the vast majority of my life living in apartments and I have to say that I really don't mind them.  Sometimes they can be a pain in the ass but I have always just sort of liked it.  Maybe just because it is comfortable to me.  I don't know.  I just want to give a vote for apartment living.  Houses are great, but there are a lot of redeeming qualities for apartments as well.


Ron said...

Nice to read. I also rent an apartment and we share the same thoughts.

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Jillian Domingo said...

Right. In having your own place you will also be responsible for every minor and major problem that comes along with it.

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Living in apartment is not easy, but it has been described by you very well. Thanks for sharing

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