Monday, May 16, 2011

Small Victory

    Yesterday, which would have been last week if your week begins on Monday, we talked about how we were feeling good for helping a girl finish a marathon in our own small little way.  And that was cool.  But today I want to take just one more mushy day to talk about how we made ourselves feel good in our own way.  Maybe tomorrow we can talk about how we are strangely addicted to referring to ourselves as "we."
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     We, we, we.  Let me try "I."  Baby Doll and I have decided to have a rummage sale.  Garage sale.  Yard sale.  Whatever you want to call it, except that really none of it will be taking place in the yard.  We have been working on it for some time, and the major goal was to sell the bulk of the four pallets worth of stuff that we had stacked to the rafters in the garage.  So we got some saw horses and boards to make little tables (hilariously low tables, by the way) and hung some curtain rods from the rafters to hang clothes on and put little circular price tags on everything.  So out in little rows in the garage went a whole house worth of stuff.  It seemed daunting.  There were so many boxes to be unpacked and they were all so full.  There was so much stuff to put out.  So many prices to figure out.  I never thought I would be done.
     Well, we plugged away at it for a few days, spent a couple of long weekend days, and just slowly chewed our way through the pallets until everything was out.  Then I sort of organized the things that we were going to keep.  We expected that they would be resting on two pallets (we put everything on pallets because our garage has a tendency to leak water on the floor during the winter or when it rains heavily during the summer) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it fit with room to spare and it wasn't stacked that high at all.
      I know it doesn't seem like much, but after months and months of seeing the menacingly high (and poorly stacked to boot, I mean seriously, it looked like it was the leaning tower of freaking Piza or something) pile of boxes every time we pulled into the garage there was just a wave of relief that just came over me.  It was that self-satisfaction with a job well done, with seeing a vast improvement in your situation that came from nothing but your own hands.  Now I understand that it was not a big deal - organizing boxes of stuff.  But it was still something that we worked for and it made us feel so much better.  Sometimes you have to take a win from something small.  They add up you know.  Now if I could just find where I stacked my box of CDs in this pile...

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