Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Losing the Battle

     Everyone is always trying to win the war.  That is the ultimate goal, right?  In the end, you always want to come out ahead.  And to win the war, you just have to win the bulk of the battles.  Over time you have to just come out ahead more than you come out behind.  Sometimes you lost the battle, but the key is that a battle lost doesn't mean that you've lost the war.
      Today I lost a battle.  A pretty important one.  It does not mean that I have lost the war.  I left the battlefield feeling bad, feeling like I had lost, but I know that there is more war to be fought, and that there are other battles to be won.  So it isn't so bad.
      The point here, Company, is that when the chips seem down you have to remember that whatever just occurred is only a small slice of life.  A very small piece of the overall war.  The important thing to remember is that while you may have just lost that small slice of it all, that that small little bit may not have gone well, there is still a lot of events left to come.  A lot of battles left to be waged.  So keep on fighting, the war is not lost.  It was just one battle.

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