Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Honoring our Armed Services, the Memorial Day way.
     Now that the barbecue coals are starting to cool, and people are starting to get comfortable back in their homes after their weekends away, it is time to reflect on exactly why we get to have a three-day weekend at the end of May that traditionally signifies the start of summer.
     The reason that we do all the things that we do on our extra Monday off is to celebrate those men and women whose sacrifices have allowed us to do that stuff.  There have been millions of people who have given everything that they have - including their lives - in order to protect our nation, our lives, and our ways of life.  Those people, of course, are our armed forces and our veterans.  Memorial Day is meant to be a day to honor them.
     Some places have parades.  Some places have barbecues and picnics, some people use the opportunity to travel and recreate.  And those are the best things that we can do.  Oh of course it is great if you go down to the cemetery or participate in a twenty-one gun salute or something military related, but I think that best way to honor those who serve or who have served is to engage in all of the activities that they are fighting for you to be able to do.  That is the best way to honor their sacrifices.  I am not totally sure but I would guess that is what they would want you to do.  To have a brat and a beer in honor of them.
     So I hope you did something enjoyable today on your extra day off, if you had an extra day off.  If not then I thank you for working so that I could have an extra day off.  And now that your day is winding down I hope that you take a moment to think about all those who made this day and these activities possible.  That is the real reason for Memorial Day.  And we hope you had a good one.

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