Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Z is for Zero

is for zero.  It is such an important number, such an important concept.  I am not sure who first figured out zero, if it were the Mayans, the India Indians, the Muslims, the Chinese, or whomever. It doesn't matter, it was probably the most important mathematical discovery in the history of ever.  It is a place holder, it is empty, in computer terms it is null.  And most importantly, it is the number of posts that we have left in our April Alphabetic Post Event.
     That is right, we have come to the conclusion of our event.  From A to Z with no misses in between, and with no repeats from last year.  Now, looking forward I can predict that there will be some problems.  I am going to run out of things for letters like "x" and "z" and "q" before long.  Then I will be stretching for things even more than I do now.  But that is okay I suppose.  We have a second one in the books and we don't have to worry about it for twelve more months.  Well, more like eleven but you get the gist.
      So anyway, now that we are done we will be back with more of the regular stuff once May and its flowers roll around.  Until then we are on vacation.  So we hope you've enjoyed and we look forward to being back on May 1.  Later gators!

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