Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Y is for Yesterday

is for yesterday.  And yesterday I had the most perfect banana that I think I have ever had.
     I got to it at just the right moment.  That is the only way that I can figure out what happened.  It was about 15 minutes past ripe, okay?  Like If ripeness was a bell curve, it would have been just at the part where it started going back downwards.  As far as spotting goes - you know how the peel gets all brown spots all over it and everything - there was just the very beginnings of spotting on the peel.  Just a couple of brown freckles down by the bottom.   It was plump and ripe for the picking; please excuse the pun.
     Inside it was more of the same.  It was like one tick past firm.  Not mushy yet but it I didn't have to work at taking bites.  All I had to do was put my teeth on the top and the bottom and let gravity do the work.  And it did.  The texture was the most perfect banana texture that there could be. 
     The flavor was perfect as well.  It is like whatever stuff was going on inside of the thing - whatever chemistry was being performed with the sugars and enzymes, etc - all the Alton Brown stuff - was at full tilt and had worked to produce maximum banana flavor.  It was very sweet.  And super banana-y.  It almost tasted like it was super concentrated banana syrup or whatever.  And the aroma was at its height too.  It went up my nose as the taste went over my tongue, and it was all good.  I was in banana heaven.
     If you have ever watched the movie Despicable Me on Blu-ray, and watched the animated shorts that come along with it, and you have seen the one where the little minions are fighting over the banana: this is the banana that they are dreaming about.  This was the banana that they are lusting over.  Because only a banana this perfect, in this exact state of ultimate being, could inspire people or minions or whatever to fight that doggedly over a piece of fruit.  It just had to be this banana.  It had to be it.  It was the ultimate banana in the history of bananas.  And it came into my life yesterday.

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BradPerala said...

Interesting fact about bananas, every banana is an asexual clone, so you eat the same exact banana over and over and over again forever. Well, sort of.