Saturday, April 23, 2011

W is for Winter

is for Winter, and depending on who you talk to it has been over for roughly a month.  Everyone sort of defines the seasons differently between astronomers and astrologers and meteorologists and everyone else.  I live in the north, and I always sort of thought that winter began somewhere in the middle of November and ended in the middle of March, which is pretty close in line with how the astronomers define it. 
      But the bottom line is that I live in the north, and I know a lot of people in the north, and it snows and is cold in the winter, and it snows and is cold in the fall, and it snows and can be cold in the spring.  So even though it is like a month after when winter is done, I understand that it still can snow and be cold.  The old adage just says "April showers bring May flowers," it doesn't preclude snow showers.  They are very much part of the equation as far as I have been able to experience.  That is why I am so sick of everyone whining about the weather.
It is still here. Deal with it.
      I understand that summertime is enticing and most people like the warmth and sunshine, but if you live near me you seriously need to stop complaining every time there is a snowflake in the air.  It is not necessary.  Very much not necessary.  We are still perched on the ragged edge of winterime, and snow happens.  Cold happens.  Frost on the windshield of the car happens in the morning where I live in April.  That is why I carry the scraper in the car all year long.  It is like a badge of honor for the things we have to endure, in case we go to Texas or something in the spring and they can see what we have going on.
     But the bottom line is that it is springtime, and it can snow.  And it probably will a couple of more times.  The sun angle is high, and there is usually warm following right on its heels, so it won't stay.  And there is no reason to be angry or worry.  Summer will come.  Winter will go.  But please just be patient. 

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