Sunday, April 17, 2011

Q is for Quickly

is for quickly.  Oh about a month ago or so I had a bad run of luck regarding the infamous DykeSedan II, or DS Dos as I like to call it.  It seemed to know that my tax return had come and decided that in addition to the standard service that it needed and its 50,000 mile tuneup, that the positive battery cable (not covered under warranty) would go bad and that one of the tires (also not covered under warranty but with only 15,000 miles on them) would blow.  So I actually managed to take it in to two different repair shops four times over the course of one week.  It was at the second of these - the tire shop - that I had an interesting experience.
     I walked into the tire shop - with whom I have done business before and who does all my tire rotations (included for the life of the tire) and oil changes and told them I needed a flat repaired.  The flat tire was in my trunk and that attractive donut spare was safely bolted to my right rear.  He asked me a couple of questions and told me to leave the tire and they'd take care of it.  Well, it couldn't be fixed so they ordered me a new tire and told me to come back the next day sometime after noon.  I went in about 12:30 and they told me that the tire truck had just been there and they were busy and hadn't gotten to it yet.
    Then I did something that I think surprised the hell out of the owner who was working behind the counter: I told him I wanted to pay for it and that I wanted to leave the car.  I told him to get to it when he could and I said the five magic words that stopped him in his tracks: "I am in no hurry."  He looked at me with the stangest look on his face.  He was amazed.  He wasn't quite sure what to say.  I told him to just leave the car with they keys in it and I would pick it up later.  He was so happy.  He said "Wow, that is nice.  Most people are in such a hurry and they have to have it done right now."
The DS Dos on a day when it was pissing me off less.
     Quickly, they always want it done quickly.  I understand quickly.  I drive quickly just about everywhere I go.  I have done quickly and will do it before.  People have asked me to do quickly lots of times.  The thing about quickly is that it is not always necessary, okay?  In fact, I would suppose that 95% of the time quickly doesn't need to be done.  Listen, I live in a small town, and granted there is no public transporation and lots of people live out in the sticks so they need their cars, but there are probably a lot of times when quickly wasn't that necessary.  Most of the time quickly springs from poor planning.
     That is right, poor planning.  We have a sign up in our office that reads "Poor planning on your part does not necessarily constitute an emergency on ours" which I think is hilarious and very, very true.  If you know you have a fancy pants wedding to go to on Saturday, June 25 taking your suit in to get cleaned on Friday the 24th and expecting them to rush it through is not reasonable.  Not at all.  You had months to get it done you just didn't bother.  Running into the cell phone store and expecting to get put to the head of the line because your phone is going to be shut off at noon and you waited until 11:30 to waltz in there just isn't going to cut it.  Quickly isn't needed in those situations, or at least it wasn't until you forced it to be.
     Also, lots of places are busy, and lots of places have tons of other customers who are acting just like you are.  So remember that they can only do so much so quickly.  Think ahead and be patient.  Generally, if you just accept that it might take a bit your stuff will get done soon enough anyway.  You waste valuable time arguing, etc.  Man up and settle down.  And take it slow.  You might realize that you like the results.

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