Saturday, April 16, 2011

P is for Perfection

is for perfection.  I know that we are in the throes of Spring, but I was thinking about shoveling the other day.  I have lived in some places with lots and lots of snow before.  Lots and lots.  Like, snowdrifts over your head kind of lots, and while I lived in an apartment I had some circumstances that led me to be doing a lot of shoveling.  First of all, I had steps and a deck that required shoveling by me, I had a spot that I liked to keep clear in the vacant lot next door, and I had a job that led me to come home late at night a lot of time, when the plow had come through and there was snow in my parking spot.  So I shoveled a a fair amount.  And I learned that I had a compulsion to make my shoveled areas exactly perfect.
He's getting close...
     That's right, and it was something that never happened.  I strove over and over and over, and still do to this day, to have everything perfectly clean.  No snow or ice on the pavement.  Perfect straight lines at the edges.  Nicely sculpted banks on around the sides.  Nicely done in a way that a machine can't do.  They make these straight edges that seem so cold and mechanical (I know, I know, just let it be) whereas the shovel makes nice sloping sides that just make a guy feel proud.
     So I sit here in the sunshine thinking about snow shoveling, and I sort of miss winter.  I wish it were here again so I could have that chance, time and time again, to make the perfect shovel.  Well, to do the perfect shoveling job.  I bet I could get this lawn perfect though...

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