Thursday, April 14, 2011

N is for Name

is for name.  Everyone has one, or two, or generally three.  Some people have more, and some people even have one of those cool things to go after it, like "Jr." or "II"   And how do you get to be Jerry Shitbag II anyway, shouldn't you be junior?  Or is junior only when your dad was the original, so if there is a gap you are the second?  I am not sure how that works.
     Anyway, back to names, your name, my name, your Aunt Matilda's name.  There has been a fundamental shift in names in the world in the last, oh say, ten years or so that hasn't been seen since people were changing their names to "Sunbright" and "Moonshine" back in the 60s.  Names that we have knows as normal since we were kids are no longer in style or use.  No one is naming their kids Jennifer or Thomas anymore.  Nope.  It's all Madison and Dylan and names like that.  Apparently all the names that used to be last names - James Madison and Bob Dylan - have turned into Madison James and Dylan Roberts.  Somewhere along the way we have flipped what is normal on its head.
     Lots of other name things have changed, too.  Family names have gone the way of the Pinto as parents trade in James and Mary for Jonah and Taylore.  That is another thing: Biblical names seem to have come back in vogue.  I just don't understand it.
     But then again, maybe I am wrong.  Maybe I was just brought up in an era that was lacking in naming creativity.  Maybe the Age of Heather - when I was growing up - was just a time when no one could come up with a creative names for their children.  Or maybe there was some sort of naming moratorium, or maybe a name embargo.  Like there was a small list of names for children that we could choose from while the others were under construction or something.  I just don't know.  All I do know is that I have so many friends named Katie or Katy that I have to give them all adjectives so that I can tell them apart.  Like an adverb but an adname instead.
     But just think about it.  There has been a lot of change in names in the last ten or twenty years, and they keep changing.  And by the time you have a child you will be giving it some sort of funky name as well.  I suppose that is just how it goes.

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