Friday, April 01, 2011

A is for April Fools' Day

Last year's April Alphabetic Post Event proved to be so popular that we have decided to do it again. 

is for April Fools' Day, which is today, April first.  A lot of people celebrate today by being jingwak and pulling all sorts of pranks, but I am a fool every day so I don't feel the need to act any differently.  Sometimes people put confetti on their bushes.  Sometimes people wear funny hats.  I do both all the time: my bushes outside of the Worldwide Headquarters are the #1 local source of confetti for youngsters and I am always adorned with at least a bowler, generally a pointy birthday-style affair with the little stretchy band that goes under your chin that hurts like a bitch if it snaps.  Sometimes on special occasions there is beanie with propeller involved.
     Anyway, one of the more interesting things about today is that sometimes when a product is introduced on April Fools Day that turns out to be a huge flop - like the AMC Pacer - people always draw some sort of parallel, like the day makes products go bad.  This isn't the cover of Sports Illustrated, folks.  This is just a day of the year that people like to make a big deal out of.
     So thank you Chaucer, for April Fools' Day.  You seemed to have put it in your Canterbury Tales in 1392, but since nobody can understand what the hell you were writing we aren't particularly sure.  But whatever.  Maybe it was a very early April Fools' on us, which would be exemplary on Chausser's part.  That would be hilarious.  So happy April Fools' Day, I hope that you are having an enjoyable time with your pranks.  I won't be making any.  At least not on purpose.  I might bumble my way into one, though.  You never know, because, see, I am a fool all year long.

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