Friday, April 08, 2011

H is for Holiday

is for holiday, which is what the English call vacation.  They have a lot of different names for stuff compared to ours, and since holiday is taken I wonder what they call things like Christmas, Guy Fawkes Day, the Queen's Birthday, etc, because I know that they don't call those days vacation.
    Anyway, I am excited because I am going on vacation here pretty soon, which is a rare occasion.  Oh sure I have been on vacation before, and I have gone here and there, but it has been a long time since I have had a real, bona fide vacation like where you go somewhere on a plane and the weather and landscape is significantly different than it is where you left from.  And that is the kind of vacation that my Baby Doll and I are going on, across the country then across the sea on a cruise.  And it is going to be sweet.
     Lots of sun, lots of good food, lots of water in the ocean and in assorted pools, and people waiting on us hand and foot.  And of course movies and shows and probably some dancing.  But I am sure I can survive that.  I am mostly excited about being away and not having any responsibility other than making sure that I don't miss the boat.  And I suppose that even if I were to miss the boat I would just end up being stuck on some tropical island where no one will know that I don't belong except that I have a much lighter skin color, I don't speak the same language, and I am horribly sunburned.
     So that is going to be nice, and I am going to thoroughly enjoy my "holiday" even though going on vacation is always, always, more exhausting than your real life.  Unless you maybe work on a cruise ship and then that is your regular life and sitting in an apartment and filing papers would probably be more exhausting to you.  But I digress.  I am going on vacation and it is going to be sweet.  I hope you get a chance to have a sweet vacation as well.

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